Perforated Metal


This product, normally carried in steel, aluminum and galvanized can be made in almost a limitless number of patterns and base materials. It is widely utilized in structural, architectural, filtration and air movement appli cations. Russel Metals can supply from stock a vast multitude of sizes and patterns and can easily source any other items from 24 ga to 1 thick. Material can be steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel alloy, plastic, brass or copper.


STEELUse decimal fraction or Manufacturers’ Standard Gauge
STAINLESS STEEL, MONEL, INCONEL: Use decimal fraction or U.S. Standard Gauge
COPPER, BRASS, MUNTZ AND ALUMINUM: Use decimal fraction or Brown and Sharpe Gauge


ROUND PERFORATIONSStaggered (60° pattern) is Standard. Variations include 45° staggered and straight line pattern.

Round Perforations Staggered (Standard Pattern)​ Round Perforations 45° Pattern​ Round Perforations Straight Line Pattern​

SQUARE PERFORATIONS: Staggered or Straight Line Pattern.

Square Perforations Staggered Square Perforations Straight Lines


Side staggered, end staggered or straight lines. Standard slotted perforations will be round end slots. Specify if square end slots are required.

Slots – Side Stagger Slots – End Stagger Slots – Straight Lines

OTHER PERFORATIONS: Typical examples are:

– Embossed openings, such as the dimple perforation in Safety Tread Safety Flooring

– Louvered Slots

– Special shapes (diamonds, oblongs, triangles, etc.)


Spacing for large perforations will be designated by either Centers of Perforations, or by the Open Area required. Spacing for small perforations will be designated by either Centers, or Open Area, or if more practical, by the Number of Perforations to the Square Inch.


Staggered Perforations, both round and square – direction of the stagger will normally be the short dimension of the sheet, as illustrated below.


The figures below illustrate two types of end patterns.

Open End Pattern (Standard) Closed End Pattern


If margins are not specified we will supply material with minimum or no margins.Perforated material with special margins to your requirements can be supplied. The margins for each of the four sides of the sheet should be specified. If close tolerances on the margins are necessary this must be clearly shown.


All Standard sheets can be supplied commercially flat. However, if your job should fall under one of the following categories, it is recommended that you discuss the flatness requirements with Russel Metals before proceeding:

1. Perforated Sheet with extra wide margins.
2. Blank areas required within the perforated area.

3. Perforated sheets with very large percentage of open area.

4. Heavy gauge metal in relation to the size of perforation.

5. Special Alloys.


If other work is required in addition to perforating, submit complete details including sketches.


No. 11 Grecian design 35% open area. No. 19 Windsor 45% open area.​
No. 14 Large Round Cane Design. 39% open area.​ No. 76 1/16″ round 1/8″ staggered centres. 23% open area. No. 79 3/32″ round 5/32″ staggered centres. 33% open area.
No. 84 1/8″ round 3/16″ staggered centres. 40% open area. No. 92 3/16″ round 1/4″ staggered centres. 51% open area. No. 108 3/8″ round 1/2″ staggered centres. 51% open area.
No. 53 1/8″ x 1/2″ slot 1/8″ bar. Side staggered. 38% open area. No. 31 Square Design 2/10″ (0.200″) 1/4″ straight centres. 64% open area.​ No. 35 Square Design 3/8″ (0.375″) 1/2″ straight centres. 56% open area.
No. 40 Square Design 1/2″ (0.500″) 11/16″ straight entres. 53% open area.​ No. 45 Square End Slot Design 0.200″ x 0.637″, .050″ bars. 74% open area.​