Valve Service & Repair

We are proud to provide our customers with a diversified range of valve services, repair and maintenance including, preventative maintenance programs as well as repair/replacement analysis for API, ANSI, and PSV valves.

In an effort to provide our customers and suppliers with the best service possible, we provides our customers with the highest quality workmanship, including factory trained technicians to ensure that all your valve servicing requirements are met.

Sale and Service of:

Gate, Globe and Check valves
Actuators and Emergency Shut Downs (ESD’s)
Plug and Butterfly valves
Pipeline and Wellhead valves
Drilling and Test Manifolds
Pigging and Stabbing valves
HCR valves
Wellhead valves
Pressure testing to 10,000 PSI
Re-Packing Services
A.B.S.A Certified – Relief valve servicing
PRV Air & Liquid Testing to 8″ – 3000#
Rod Rotaters
Wellhead BOP’s

Field Services:

Plant Valve Repacking
Wellhead / Manifold Servicing & Lubrication
Pipeline Valve Maintenance
In Line Valve Servicing
Inline Valve Grinding & Lapping
“Y” angle Globe Valves
Valve Commissioning
E.S.D Servicing and Repair
API Valve Rentals or Replacements
Pressure Seal Valves
On-Site PSV Service and Repair

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Without proper maintenance, valves can become difficult to open or close overtime and there are a number of factors that can contribute to this. Dried out elastomers, damaged seats or even a worn gear operator are just a few things that can reduce the lifespan of a valve. Many times valves are replaced when general preventative maintenance could have increased the lifespan of the valve therefore offering opportunities to save money.

Preventative maintenance can keep your valves functioning optimal and problems that are caught early can be fixed through planned maintenance rather than an emergency shut-down. A preventative maintenance program should include OEM guidelines however recommendations from the technicians who have the hands on experience operating the valves are very important.


Locations offering this service: