Quality & Product Integrity

Comco’s best in class Quality Program supported by our Corporate Quality Manager along with senior management continues to monitor industry trends and customer feedback for opportunities to provide additional value and limit risk for our customers.

      • Quality Management System recognized and certified to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 since 1995.
      • Catalogued Manufacturer CRN numbers and internal library of both governing customer specifications including Approved Manufacturers Lists.
      • Customer Feedback, Nonconformance and Corrective Action tracked and monitored by management
      • Experienced documentation group fluent in submittal process and documentation requirements and expediting both stock and project specific materials.
      • Continuous performance monitoring of manufacturers currently supplied by Comco (AML) and a robust qualification process for prospective additions by Comco’s Manufacturer Evaluation Team
        • Includes random Destructive Product Testing program consisting of Visual, dimensional, and destructive testing for chemical micrograph for heat treatment and grain size verification
      • Development and continual enhancements of Comco’s Internal Procurement Specification and AML in collaboration with our customers and industry best practice.
      • Documented Quality Management, Standard Operating and Customer specific work procedures.
      • Customized standard specification and supplementary customer requirement Mill Test Report filters.
      • Complete 100% traceability of heat numbers through full life cycle from receiving at Comco through to delivery of goods to client site or fabricators
      • MTR Alert process – ability to highlight and restrict future shipments against specific heat number recalls.
      • MTR system that indefinitely links MTRs to customer purchase orders for future availability.