All processing lines have the ability to apply a removable film to the surface of the pre-finished strip. It is used for a number of different reasons; where contaminated materials are formed along with pre-finished, or where material is going to be shipped and stored at a construction site or maybe where the film will act as protection during shipping.

These films, which can be slit to exact widths, come in many different forms. They can have different properties such as thickness, tack levels, colours and UV shields and, like the paint coatings, are designed for specific end-uses.

Applicators on each line, allow the film to be laid down wrinkle and bubble free in exactly the position required on the strip surface, and with the right amount of tension to prevent the film peeling back.

The film can be left on during the manufacturing process and can either be removed prior to the end product being shipped, or it can be left on to add protection during shipping and removed by the consumer.

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