Pre-painted Steel

Color Steels holds one of the largest, most diversified ranges of pre-finished metals in North America. If we do not have the specification on hand, we are able to source different materials and coatings from manufacturers worldwide that are most adept at producing the specification required for the enduse application.

Our standard range of inventory includes coatings and substrates specifically aimed at individual end uses or market areas. Click on the different ranges listed on this page, or let us advise you on a customized finish that will suit your needs.

What is Prepaint?

Coil Coating (prepaint) is a unique process where steel or aluminum strip in coil form, is cleaned, pre-treated, primed and painted with either inorganic or organic coatings, cured and re-coiled all in one operation. Prepaint eliminates the need for in-plant post painting thereby producing savings in space, labour, inspection, insurance premiums energy and pollution control.

Animated gif image explaining coil coating.

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