Dear Valued Customers and Suppliers,

The Russel Metals family of companies continues to monitor the Coronavirus developments.  We are committed to the safety of employees, customers and suppliers as we navigate the evolving dynamics surrounding the spread of the Coronavirus.  We have an active committee working closely with our operations, Health & Safety and Human Resource professionals to address working arrangements and safe working conditions.  This committee is designed to empower local management and disseminate information to all locations to allow local teams to implement changes efficiently and effectively.  We have taken active steps to restrict travel, restrict visitors to our locations, enhance our cleaning procedures and provide training on hygiene practices along with social distancing.  We will continue to provide our operations with the additional resources and support required to deal with this evolving issue.

Currently, all Russel business units have been deemed essential and continue to operate daily in order to maintain business continuity.  This situation remains extremely fluid.  We will continue to monitor the impact of the Coronavirus on the areas where we operate and adjust our plans accordingly as restrictions begin to ease.

All of us here are committed to work with our business partners and to serve you during this difficult time.  Please reach out to your local contact if we can help in any way.  We appreciate the business relationship we share with each of you and will continue to communicate with you.  We sincerely hope you and your families remain healthy.

Stay safe,

John Reid
President and CEO