Shareholder Information

Common Shares

The common shares of Russel Metals are listed and posted for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange, under the trading symbol RUS.


Declaration of dividends on the common shares are reviewed by the board quarterly.

Eligible Dividends – Designation for Canadian Tax Purposes

All dividends paid in 2006 and onward are eligible dividends unless indicated otherwise.

Dividend Reinvestment Program

Russel Metals does not directly offer a dividend reinvestment program. However, we are aware that certain banking institutions offer dividend reinvestment programs and advertise that these programs include Russel Metals’ shares. Please contact your bank for more information.

Dividend History

Declaration DateRecord DatePayment DateDividend Amount
10-Aug-2329-Aug-2315-Sep-2340 cents
08-May-2330-May-2315-Jun-2340 cents
09-Feb-2328-Feb-2315-Mar-2338 cents
09-Nov-2228-Nov-2215-Dec-2238 cents
10-Aug-2229-Aug-2215-Sep-2238 cents
03-May-2227-May-2215-Jun-2238 cents
10-Feb-2228-Feb-2215-Mar-2238 cents
04-Nov-2124-Nov-2115-Dec-2138 cents
05-Aug-2126-Aug-2115-Sep-2138 cents
04-May-2127-May-2115-Jun-2138 cents
10-Feb-2126-Feb-2115-Mar-2138 cents
04-Nov-2025-Nov-2015-Dec-2038 cents
06-Aug-2027-Aug-2015-Sep-2038 cents
04-May-2028-May-2015-Jun-2038 cents
11-Feb-2028-Feb-2016-Mar-2038 cents
06-Nov-1926-Nov-1916-Dec-1938 cents
08-Aug-1927-Aug-1916-Sep-1938 cents
07-May-1928-May-1914-Jun-1938 cents
07-Feb-1927-Feb-1915-Mar-1938 cents
07-Nov-1826-Nov-1814-Dec-1838 cents
09-Aug-1827-Aug-1814-Sep-1838 cents
01-May-1828-May-1815-Jun-1838 cents
14-Feb-1801-Mar-1815-Mar-1838 cents
08-Nov-1727-Nov-1715-Dec-1738 cents
02-Aug-1728-Aug-1715-Sep-1738 cents
02-May-1726-May-1715-Jun-1738 cents
16-Feb-1703-Mar-1715-Mar-1738 cents
08-Nov-1630-Nov-1615-Dec-1638 cents
10-Aug-1629-Aug-1615-Sep-1638 cents
03-May-1624-May-1615-Jun-1638 cents
16-Feb-1601-Mar-1615-Mar-1638 cents
30-Oct-1525-Nov-1515-Dec-1538 cents
12-Aug-1527-Aug-1515-Sep-1538 cents
05-May-1525-May-1515-Jun-1538 cents
18-Feb-1503-Mar-1516-Mar-1538 cents
04-Nov-1426-Nov-1415-Dec-1438 cents
12-Aug-1426-Aug-1415-Sep-1438 cents
06-May-1426-May-1416-Jun-1435 cents


The Class II preferred shares, Series C (RUS.PR.C) were redeemed on March 22, 2004.

Annual Meeting

The Company’s next annual meeting will be held in 2024, date and time to be announced.

Transfer Agent and Registrar

TSX Trust Company

1 Toronto Street, Suite 1200
Toronto, ON M5C 2V6

Phone: 1-800-387-0825

Email: shareholders[email protected]

Investor Relations

Martin L. Juravsky


6600 Financial Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L5N 7J6

Tel: 905-816-5178
Fax: 905-819-7409
Email Mr. Juravsky