Analyst Coverage

Russel Metals recognizes that analysts are important conduits for disseminating corporate information to the investing public and that analysts play a key role in interpreting and clarifying existing public data and in providing investors with background information and details. Russel Metals will meet with analysts and investors on an individual or small group basis as needed and will initiate contacts or respond to analyst and investor calls in a timely, consistent and accurate fashion in accordance with the Company’s Corporate Disclosure Policy. Russel Metals will provide the sort of detailed differential information that has been provided to analysts to individual investors or reporters who request it.

We recognize that analyst disclosure does not constitute adequate disclosure of information that is considered material non-public information. If material information is to be announced at an analyst or shareholder meeting or a press conference, its announcement will be coordinated with a general public announcement via news release.

Please note that inclusion of the following analysts and firm names are for information purposes only and do not reflect Russel Metals’ agreement or disagreement with the opinions expressed by these firms and analysts. To the best of the Company’s knowledge, the following list reflects all firms and analysts that publish research on Russel Metals and they have agreed to have their contact information included in the list below.

BMO Capital Markets

Devin Dodge
(416) 359-6774

Laurentian Bank Securities

Jonathan Lamers
(416) 577-1755

Raymond James

Frederic Bastien
(604) 659-8232

RBC Capital Markets

James McGarragle
(416) 842-7862

Scotia Capital Inc.

Michael Doumet
(514) 350-7778

Stifel GMP

Ian Gillies
(416) 943-6108

TD Securities Inc.

Michael Tupholme
(416) 307-9389

National Bank of Canada

Max Sytchev
(416) 869-6517