Corporate Governance

As one of North America’s largest metals distribution companies, Russel Metals Inc. is committed to continuous superior corporate governance.

Russel Metals believes that strong corporate governance practices begin at the top, starting with the Board of Directors and executive officers, in order to be passed through to each employee. These practices ensure that Russel Metals is being operated in the best interests of all its stakeholders. We are dedicated to maintaining the ethical standards created at all levels of the organization and will strive to continuously evaluate and improve these standards throughout our business practices and relationships.

We have posted below key corporate governance documents.

Information Circulars

We have posted our most recent Information Circulars.

Whistleblower Hotline

Russel Metals has implemented a Whistleblower Hotline. Any concerns relating to (a) accounting matters; (b) internal controls; (c) financial irregularities; (d) compliance with the Company’s policies; and / or (e) unethical business conduct, including but not limited to, safety, environmental, conflicts of interest, bribery, theft and / or fraud; should be reported to the Whistleblower Hotline, by one of the methods set out below.

Whistleblower Hotline Contact Information

Web Submission:

Phone: 1-866-234-2293; or
Mail: P.O. Box 11017 Toronto, Ontario M1E 1N0