Product Advantages

  • Wide choice of substrates, paint types and colours
  • Expanded range of alternate finishes available such as textured, embossed, prints, metallics, laminates etc.
  • Excellent weathering properties on external finishes for all types of climates
  • Durable, resilient yet flexible interior coatings for every end-use
  • Improved durability, quality and thickness consistency of the painted surface

Environmental Advantages

Using pre-finished materials has many environmental advantages to it:

  • Health and Safety concerns of chemicals, oils and solvents within your plant are greatly reduced or eliminated
  • Emissions from current finishing methods are greatly reduced or eliminated
  • Improves employee’s working environment and plant cleanliness
  • Reduces or eliminates high insurance and environmental compliance costs
  • The advance technology employed in the manufacture of pre-finished metals ensures a highly efficient use of energy and materials
  • Strict controls to the highest North American standards are kept on any emissions during the coil coating process, and excess energy is recycled back into the manufacturing operation
  • Lower use of in-house energy