Our goal with V-Max was to develop a universal bar stock that would provide the most useful properties at the most economical price – an effective but simple general purpose material that would stand up under the most adverse conditions.

V-Max was developed from the chemical model of a 1330 steel, which was subsequently micro-alloyed using the most advanced processing.

Benefits of V-Max

Dollar for dollar V-Max may be the best general purpose bar stock value in North America.

V-Max is a new bar product developed by a revolutionary processing technique, designed to refine and purify the alloying matrix. This process yields a universal shafting material ideal for both maintenance and manufacturing needs.

This product is both easy to machine and easy to weld. Because it is strong, versatile and economical you will find yourself using V-Max for a good portion of your general maintenance needs.

V-Max will save you time, energy, duplicated inventories and headaches. It is an indispensable item in the tool room, machine shop and production inventories.

Features of V-Max

  • Strength
  • Ease of machining… not gummy or mushy
  • Ease of welding and repair
  • Economical
  • Will take and hold a bright finish
  • Availability and continuance of supply
  • Quality assurance
  • Comprehensive size range
  • Durable … resists twist, bow and fatigue
  • High impact values
  • Resists creep at higher temperatures
  • Resists deformation or “walking” during machining due to accurate stress relieving at mill


V-Max can be used for a variety of shaft applications in the following industries:

  • Industrial machine shops
  • Machine tool manufacturers
  • Heavy equipment and machinery manufacturers
  • Fan, pump and compressor manufacturers
  • Maintenance departments
  • Tool rooms
  • Cement plants, steel mills, mines, pulp and paper
  • Power plants, refineries, sand and gravel and aggregate processors, grain and fertilizer plants

Stock Size Range

Diameter Size (inches)
1/41 5/83 1/4
5/161 11/163 7/16
3/81 3/43 1/2
7/161 7/83 3/4
1/21 15/163 15/16
5/82 1/84 1/4
11/162 3/164 7/16
3/42 1/44 1/2
15/162 5/164 3/4
12 3/84 15/16
1 1/82 7/165
1 3/162 1/25 1/2
1 1/42 11/166
1 5/162 3/46 1/2
1 3/82 15/167
1 7/1637 1/2
1 1/23 3/168

V-Max is available in lengths up to 27ft. Please inquire on any special sizes.

Properties of V-Max



Machining and Altering V-Max

Case Hardening

Responds well to flame, induction, Carburizing, or Nitriding methods of case hardening. Typical surface hardness by flame or induction is 50RC.

Note: V-Max is furnished at a hardness considered to be optimum for most general purpose applications (approx. 230 BHN). Although subsequent hardening is easily achieved, most applications will not require it. Subsequent hardening will alter physical properties and surface finish. Should your particular application require higher specific properties or should you need something other than a general purpose grade of shafting material, please inquire with your Baldwin representative and/or review other Baldwin bar products.

Heat Treatment

32-34 RC900°F
35-40 RC700°F

Quench in oil (130-160°F) or warm water.

Quench in oil (130-160°F) or warm water. Hardness results will vary with size and actual ladle chemistry.

Mechanical Properties

Tensile120,000 PSI
% of elongation20 min
Reduction in area50% min
Charpy V notch impact46/48ft/lb
Grain size6 to 8
Machinability80% of 1212
Diameter tolerance thru 3 1/2″#ERROR!
Diameter tolerance thru 4 1/2″#ERROR!
Diameter tolerance thru 6″#ERROR!
Surface finishTG & P 8-12 micro

NOTE: Sizes over 6″ dia. are furnished, turned and polished only. Diameter tolerance +.008″, -.000″

V-Max VS. Common Shafting

10181020Low Carbon CD or TG&P78GOODGeneral purpose, low strength, gummy or mushy to machine, dull finish, doesn’t thread well, good case hardening
1045Medium Carbon CD or TG&P57POORHigher strength than 1018 but higher carbon makes welding difficult
1144Medium Carbon CD or TG&P76POORResulfurized, free machining, difficult to weld
Stress-Proof (1144)Medium Carbon CD or TG&P83POORGood machinability (a modified 1144) with higher strength
V-MaxLower Carbon Micro-Alloy TG&P80GOODEasy to machine*, holds bright close tolerance finish, threads well, excellent case hardening

*MACHINING: Machine as a low carbon steel. Adjust settings as you become more familiar with this product.

Stress-Proof (1144)0.41.350.040.240.15130K123445
V-Max0. Min50 Min50