Baldwin International’s line of abrasion resistant alloy steels have a reputation for making the competition obsolete. From customer service to product performance, Baldwin International is the superior name in specialty steels. With Tuffcore, the cheap and ineffectual carbon steel pipe, standard in many industrial applications, is proven to be a costly and problematic solution. In service, Tuffcore wear pipe typically outlasts generic carbon pipe by five times, often much longer. The 600 BHN inner hardness is ideal for applications where heat and heavy abrasion penetrate and erode the average pipe. It has been used effectually in a variety of industries, from power to pulp and paper, with results that decrease downtime and replacement needs, providing a cost-effective and headache free remedy for wear pipe maintenance departments.

Benefits of Tuffcore

  • 600 BHN
  • 5X Carbon Pipe’s Life
  • Flexible
  • Easy to Fabricate
  • Stocked 3.5 – 20’OD
  • Many Applications
  • Available in Bends
  • Works up to 450 °F
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Easy to Install
  • STD or EH
  • Quality Assured

Tuffcore Applications


  • backfill lines
  • phosphate systems
  • process, preparation and cleaning
  • tailings
  • tar and sand systems


  • ash disposal
  • coal slurry
  • fly-ash systems
  • fuel systems

Other Industries

  • cement conveyance systems
  • foundry sand systems
  • slurry and quarry transport
  • waste disposal
  • wood chip conveyance systems