Quality Assurance & HSE

Health & Safety

Apex Distribution is committed to developing practices on an ongoing basis to ensure safe and responsible working relationships with our customers and the community.

Apex Distribution takes seriously all efforts to keep Apex a safe working environment for our employees, customers and all others that access our facilities. The Apex health and safety policy is prominently displayed within all Apex facilities. However, safety goes beyond our work place. All employees keep health safety at the forefront of all activities. Apex Distribution employees make all reasonable efforts to meet or exceed safety requirements of customers while on customer owned properties.



Apex Health & Safety Policy

Apex Distribution Inc. is committed to a health and safety program, a program that ensures a safe working environment for our staff, our families, our customers and all others that might visit our property.

Employees at every level should be familiar with the requirements of the Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation as it relates to their work processes. It is our goal that by working together and following our agreed upon health and safety procedures, we will enjoy an injury free work place.

  • Management will ensure that all employees are responsible and accountable for the company’s health and safety performance.
  • Management will set an example and provide leadership in the health and safety program.
  • Management will set a health and safety policy, a work procedure policy, and provide proper equipment and training.
  • Employees are responsible for following all safety policies and work procedures.
  • Employees will always work with an awareness of health and safety.

Quality Control

Apex has been successful throughout our many years of operation, growing through the ability to hire and motivate the most experienced and respected personnel in the industry. These key personnel in each branch are keenly aware of product related issues and how material needs to be addressed when handling product. Apex personnel are trained to effectively communicate with customer personnel to accurately identify required material handling and documentation needs. These experienced individuals further communicate within the Apex organization and with necessary manufacturers to ensure all the customer’s requirements are met, and in many cases, exceeded.

Apex Valve Services is ABSA Certified for shop servicing and setting of pressure relief valve in accordance with the Alberta Safety Code Act and Regulations and ASME Code Section I, IV and VIII.

Apex Valve Services is ABSA Certified for the repair and alteration of pressure fittings in accordance with the Alberta Safety Codes Act and Regulations, ASME Codes and Standards and API Specifications and Standards.

Apex Valve Services is ASME Certified for the repair of pressure relief valves in accordance with the Manitoba Steam and Pressure Plants Act.

Apex Valve Services is a licensed Boiler and Pressure Vessels Contractor in accordance with the Technical Safety BC.

Apex Valve Services is TSASK Certified for the setting and servicing of Pressure Relief Devices in accordance with the Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan and ASME Codes and Standards.