Galvanized and Alloy Coated


Galvanized or zinc coated steels are unexcelled where economy, strength and corrosion resistance are the prime requirements. These products are available with a variety of coating weights, surface finishes and mechanical properties, designed to meet the particular requirements
of the customer.

The steel core provides high strength and formability, and the zinc coating is unmatched as an effective and economical protection. Zinc is used as a protective coating because of its extremely slow oxidation rate and its protective sacrificial action which inhibits corrosion of the steel. Zinc coated steel sheets are produced on modern continuous hot dip or electro-galvanizing lines, and the finished product is excellent in appearance,
formability, and the coatings’ adhesion and uniformity. Zinc coated material can be ordered as Unpassivated or Passivated, Dry or Oiled.

Passivation is a treatment used to prevent storage stain; however it impedes on the effectiveness of paint adhesion, while unpassivated material offers excellent paint adhesion. Light Oil is recommended for temporary protection against storage stain. The following products are available in coils and sheets with a variety of qualities and surface finishes, detailed in the following tables.


This Zinc-Iron alloy coating has a uniform matte grey, spangle free appearance without wipe lines on the surface. Carbon steel sheet is processed through a molten zinc bath and continuously run in an annealing furnace, enhancing physical and surface properties with a ratio of Zinc-Iron alloy of 8% to 12%. The product is suitable for painting applications provided usual precautions have been taken to ensure the absence of oil or grease; all forming/bending should be performed prior to painting. In the unpainted condition, it is suitable for interior dry applications only. Designed as a replacement for “WIPE COAT FINISH”, it offers superior bonding of alloys and a smoother surface finish.