Health and Safety

We continually strive to create a work environment that is free from accidents and injury. Our health and safety standards are enforced throughout the organization from the shop floor to the offices of the Board of Directors.

We provide education, training and awareness so that all employees know how to be accountable for their health and safety as well as the safety of their co-workers and visitors.  We feel that all employees have a responsibility to follow safe working procedures, to be aware of all hazards and take appropriate action.  Working safely is a condition of employment.

To ensure a safe working environment, we have a three-pronged approach to review, follow up and reinforce safe workplace behavior.

First, at each of our locations, members of our safety teams perform Annual Corporate Health & Safety audits outside of their own region.  These audits result in a formal report on findings and timelines for the implementation of suggested improvements.  Second, our Internal Audit Team has included a Health & Safety section in their location audits.  Finally, our regional managers conduct worksite inspections for our new Layered Observational Audit program.

Our emphasis on a safe workplace has led to a significant improvement in our Lost Time Incidents.

Our 2022 health & safety initiatives include:

  • 10% reduction of lost time incidents
  • initiate hand injury tracking, prevention and training program
  • initiate 3rd party health and safety training for all managers and supervisors
  • continue our benchmark initiative with MSCI member companies
  • complete installation of dashcam technology in all company trucks
  • continue with our companywide Transportation Safety and Compliance improvement plan, with a focus on new driver training and trailer fall prevention initiatives
Lost Time Incidents Graph 2021