Corporate Giving


In 2017, in support of the 34th Carter Work Project for the Habitat for Humanity, we sent volunteers to build houses in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Halifax, Campbell River and Montreal.

The goal of the organizations’ largest build project was to build 150 homes across Canada to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.  Russel employees worked side-by-side with future Habitat homeowners to build affordable homes to enable working families to improve their living conditions.

Habitat for Humanity Logo
Russel employees standing in front of a banner that says 'Thank you to the sponsors'
Russel employees working as a team to build the foundation of a house

In May of 2021, Russel Metals in Calgary, Alberta provided raw materials for the local Boy Scouts Queen Venturer Project.  The project involved building a train display of lights for the Airdrie Festival of Lights located at Nose Creek Regional Park in Airdrie, Alberta.  Russel Metals Alberta was happy to lend their support to the Boy Scouts.

Train Car Light Display
Boy Scout welding Metal
Boy Scout Welding Metal

JMS Russel Metals in Jackson, Tennessee provided design assistance, materials and processing for a young Eagle Scout’s dream project.  The project involved producing signage on the walkway surrounding the Madison County courthouse in Madison County, Tennessee.  JMS Russel Metals was happy to lend their support for local Boy Scouts and the community enhancement project.

A close up view of a signage that says 'Madison County West' in front of the Madison County courthouse
A view of the Madison County courthouse building surrounded by the walkway

Community involvement is not only about time and money as we often contribute materials and creative ideas to community projects in local areas.  The Parkland Regional Safety Committee wanted to build a structure that would provide those affected by workplace tragedies with an area to rest and reflect.

Alberta Industrial Metals in Red Deer supplied the material and processing for the project.  In Grande Prairie, the Regional Hospital Foundation Festival of Trees holds a gala evening where Christmas creations are auctioned off with all proceeds going to the regional hospital.  The Russel tree, which comes apart and can be stored flat, was designed by Chantel Stevens and auctioned off for $4,750 to support an excellent cause.

Fallen Worker Tribute sign
Christmas Tree made out of metal

Caring for our environment and minimizing our carbon footprint is critical not only in our operations but in the communities in which we live.  Our Comco operation in Edmonton joined an initiative under the guidance and direction of Root for Trees to plant trees within the city with an annual goal of planting 45,000 trees.  Under the epigram Have Shovel Will Travel, Comco was involved in the planting of 550 trees and hope to continue their participation for years to come.

Plants with shovels around them
People planting trees

Community-based support includes not only monetary donations by the company but programs sponsored by our branches that involve our employee group and their families.  For example, our Halifax branch holds 50/50 draws & raffles, BBQ’s, casual days, yard sales, etc. in support of the IWK Children’s Hospital.

Over the last 15 years, the branch employees, with matching funds from Russel Metals, have donated $ 150,000 in support of this hospital which is the top Children’s hospital in Atlantic Canada.

Community involvement is often more effective in partnership with other organizations.  Apex Distribution, in partnership with the Petroleum Services Association of Canada, is a member of Community Partners.  The purpose of Community Partners is to provide guiding principles that foster courteous behavior in local communities affected by oil and gas activity.

People donating $10,000 to IWK Foundation
Local concerns are our concerns slogan
Community partners logo

Sports Sponsorship

Various sports and charities go hand in hand in many of our local communities.  At Triumph Tubular we are involved in Casting for Life, a local charity that brings the activity of fly fishing as a means of support for breast cancer survivors.  At Apex Distribution, our operations and employees are involved in Bowling for Special Olympics, Curling and even Charity Boxing to raise funds for local initiatives.

A person fly fishing
Two boxers in a ring. The boxer in blue has been declared the winner.
A snapshot of a woman curling on television
Thank you card from Brydon Marchand to APEX Distribution

Cycling and other sports are often synonymous with local charitable events.  Many of our employees participate in traditional charitable runs and cycling races.  Events include Russel Metals, Mississauga Ontario’s participation in the Big Bike in support of the Heart & Stroke Foundation and Russel Metals, Mississauga Ontario’s participation in the Inside Ride & the Ontario Mountain Bike Event both in support of the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation.

Russel Metals Ontario Team Picture in a group biking event for a sports sponsorship program
Russel Metals Ontario Team Picture in a group biking event for a sports sponsorship program
Russel Metals Employee Participating in a Big Bike Program
Art Scene - Some sort of stage equipments being prepared

The Arts

Our emphasis on maintaining our local entrepreneurial culture provides us with a diversity in our charity and community involvement. Our Sunbelt operation is supportive of the local arts community through their long-term relationship with the Alley Theatre, the oldest professional theatre group in Houston, Texas. Over the last 10 years, Sunbelt has contributed a total of $100,000. Our A.J. Forsyth operations are Amara Zee Re-Fit Sponsors of the Caravan Stage Company’s upcoming tour; a spectacular show on a tall ship.

Colonel Shane Gallant

Shane Gallant is our Regional Operations Manager – Atlantic Region based in Halifax, NS.  Shane is also a proud member of the Canadian Army Reserves.  He originally enrolled in the Canadian Army in 1992, five years before he commenced his employment with Russel Metals.  Shane holds the rank of Colonel and is currently appointed Commander 36 Canadian Brigade Group (36 CBG).  36 CBG is a Canadian Army Formation comprised of 10 Canadian Army Reserve Regiments in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island with its Headquarters in Halifax.  36 CBG’s strength is approximately 1800 soldiers, both regular and reserve including civilian employees.

Over the course of his military career Shane has held numerous staff, training and leadership positions he has also had the opportunity to travel.

“The world-class leadership training and opportunities that I have been fortunate to receive over the course of my military career is priceless.  A lot of the training that I received and skills that I have developed is transferable to my career with Russel Metals.  I am grateful to work for a supportive organization such as Russel Metals because without this support my ability to serve would not be possible.”  –  Shane Gallant

Colonel Shane Gallant