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Dictionary of Industry Terms

  • T&C :
    Threaded and Coupled.

  • TBE :
    Threaded Both Ends.

    Graphite produced by heating at a temperature below the melting point.

  • TEMPERING (also termed drawing) :
    Reheating, after hardening to some temperature below the critical temperature range followed by any rate of cooling.
    Note a — Although the terms “tempering" and "drawing" are practically synonymous as used in commercial practice, the term "tempering" is preferred.
    Note b — Tempering meaning the operation of hardening followed by reheating IS a usage which is illogical and confusing in the present state of the art of heat treating and should be discouraged.

    This process is applied to relieve stresses due to hardening and to adjust the hardness to the value desired. The hardened steel is reheated to a temperature below the lower critical range and is then permitted to cool.

    The maximum load, per unit of original cross-sectional area, a material in tension is capable of withstanding before complete failure or rupture.  As known as ultimate  tensile strength.

    Alloy having three principal elements.

    Property of absorbing considerable energy before fracture; usually represented by the area under a stress-strain curve, and therefore involving both ductility and strength.

  • TURN :
    A work shift in the mill of usually 8 hours duration.

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