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Dictionary of Industry Terms

    The structure of ground or polished sample revealed by slight magnification or the naked eye.

    Malleablizing is a type of annealing operation with slow cooling whereby combined carbon in white cast iron is transformed to temper carbon and in some cases the carbon is entirely removed from the iron. Note: Temper carbon is free carbon in the form of rounded nodules made up of an aggregate of minute crystals.

  • MATRIX :
    The main substance in which a constituent substance is embedded.

    Changing the former structure of a metal by subjecting it to pressure by rolling, pressing, or forging. The crystalline structure is refined and the quality of the metal is improved as the particles are forced into intimate contact. The strength is always increased by working and the hardness and ductility may be affected depending upon the amount of work done and by the temperature at which the working is carried on.

    Within the limits of elasticity the M.E. is the ratio of the load applied to the corresponding movement caused by the load.

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