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Dictionary of Industry Terms

  • H.D. :
    Hard Drawn.

  • H.F. :
    Hot Finished.

  • H.H. :
    Half Hard.

  • H.R. :
    Hot Rolled.

    A Heat Treating Process that implies heating steel to a temperature above the critical range, and cooling it rapidly enough through the critical range to harden it appreciably.

    (a) Brinell Hardness - A hardness test performed on a Brinell hardness testing machine. The smooth surface of a specimen is indented with a spherical-shaped hardened steel ball of known diameter by means of a predetermined load applied to the ball. The diameter of the impression is measured in millimeters with a micrometer microscope, and the reading is compared with a chart to determine the Brinell Hardness number (Bhn).                                                               
    (b) Rockwell Hardness - A hardness test performed on a Rockwell hardness testing machine. Hardness is determined by a dial reading which indicates the depth of penetration of a steel ball or diamond cone when a load is applied.
    (c) Scleroscope or Shore Hardness - A hardness test performed on a Shore Scleroscope Hardness Tester. The hardness is determined by the rebound of a diamond pointed hammer (or tup) when it strikes the surface of a specimen. The hammer (or tup) is enclosed in a glass tube and the height of the rebound is read either against a graduated scale inscribed on the tube, or on a dial, depending on the model instrument used.

    Metal or alloy is heat treated to improve it for the service intended or to prepare it for operations such as cold rolling, cold drawing or machining. This process is broadly defined as an operation or combination of operations involving the heating and cooling of metal or alloy in the solid state to obtain a certain desired condition or set of properties.

  • Hex. :

    Brittleness in hot metal.

    The operation of rolling, hammering, pressing or extruding metal which has been made plastic by heating.

  • Hvy. :

    Steel with less than the eutectoid percentage of carbon.

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