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Fedmet Tubulars - OCTG
At Fedmet Tubulars we distribute an expansive range of OCTG products across Western Canada.  We understand the demands on our industry and the necessity of supporting our clients 24/7.  With stocking points spanning from Estevan, SK up to Fort St. John, BC, we can supply your casing requirements at a location conveniently close to your drilling site.

Casing - available from stock:

  • 4 1/2'' to 13 3/8'' (114.3mm to 339.7mm) API Grades: J55, J55D10, L80, L80D10 & P110 (LT&C / ST&C)
  • Other Grages and Connections available upon project request

Tubing - available from stock:

  • Tubing 2 3/8'' (60.3mm), 2 7/8'' (73.0mm) 3 1/2'' (88.9mm) API Grades: J55, L80 (EUE 8RND)
  • Macaroni 1'', 1 1/4'', 1 1/2'', 2 1/16'' API Grades: J55 (IJ10RND)
  • Other Grades and Connections available upon project request.  

Semi-Premium & Premium Connections

Available Upon Request
  • Buttress
  • GB Tubulars
  • Vam Premium
  • Tejas Proprietary
  • US Steel Proprietary
  • Tenaris Proprietary

We supply a wide range of OCTG accessories including float equipment and centralizers, casing bowls, marker joints, crossovers and pup joints.

List of Suppliers
Weatherford, Topco, Antelope, Streamflo, Great Northern Equipment, Endurance & Regent