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Corporate and Social Responsibility

Corporate Citizens

We are full-fledged corporate citizens and believe in the concept of social responsibility. In order to have the greatest social impact possible, we initiate programs and make charitable donations at the branch level. Every location throughout North America is encouraged to sponsor community-based local initiatives both in donations of cash as well as employee volunteerism.

Our Environment

We are a conscientious company and this is evidenced in our corporate and operational philosophy on environmental impact. We make sure that the business practices involved in the metals distribution business of the company present minimal environmental impact.  Russel Metals has implemented rigorous environmental standards and an ongoing audit process.
As a distributor, we are not a significant generator of greenhouse gases, but we are monitoring our emissions and taking actions to ensure we reduce our emissions.  During 2010 we were recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project as a Carbon Disclosure Leader.

The Russel Metals Community

The many individuals who play a role in Russel Metals also play roles in the communities in which they live. With over 138 offices across North America, we are fortunate to be part of many neighborhoods. Every branch office is involved at the community-level to ensure that we do our part to support the people who make Russel Metals the success it is today.
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