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Exterior Coatings

Exterior Coatings

These coatings, generally used throughout the construction industry, provide proven systems for external roofing and cladding in industrial, residential and agricultural applications. Each product has its' own performance characteristics and can be matched to the project. Please see our Information Centre for performance specification sheets.

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Perspectra Plus

The Perspectra Plus series is a state-of-the-art silicone modified polyester (SMP). It is applied over either a zinc phosphate pretreatment for Galvanised substrates or a metal oxide pre-treatment for Galvalume substrates, which in combination with a two-sided primer provide excellent corrosion resistance. The system provides outstanding film integrity, leading edge colour retention and superior chalk resistance. It can be used in light industrial, commercial, residential or agricultural applications and provides exceptional durability at a cost effective price.



40 standard colours available, either from inventory or by special order.

Perspectra Plus Colour Chart
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10000 Series

The 10000 Series is a fluoropolymer coating based on the Kynar 500™ resin system, and provides a highly durable coating offering superior colour retention and formability properties. It has a life expectancy of up to 30 years in certain environments and is mainly used in more prestigious architectural and commercial applications.



Available by special order in a wide range of colours.  Call to ensure availability.

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The Metallic/Elite series are fluoropolymer coatings based on the Kynar 500™ resin, and are two-pass, four coat systems. They are mainly used in prestigious applications such as flat architectural panels or high profile buildings and are available in a striking range of metallic and non-metallic finishes, offering excellent weathering properties.



Available by special order.  Call to ensure availability.

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Barrier Series/Plastisols

Barrier Series and Plastisols are PVC based paint systems offered in a variety of paint thicknesses and textures. Paint thickness varies from 4 mils up to 12 mils, dependant upon the end use. It has excellent corrosion resistance and is used in many applications ranging from residential roofing tiles to highly aggressive industrial environments.



Some colours available from stock - other colours available by special order.  Call to ensure availability.

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Exterior Polyesters

Exterior Polyesters offer a durable yet cost effective exterior coating and can be used in non-aggressive environments.



Standard colours available from stock - other colours available by special order

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